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Things occur in Nature which, for some, lend themselves to surging creative juices...  such are the natural things on Mystic Mountain.   I had to try.   For no other reason save I wanted to see what would evolve!  

My kids used to call these seeds 'helicopters'. When they'd toss them into the air, they fluttered down like helicopter blades!  Kept them enthralled for hours!!  

Now... mayhaps these 'helicopters' will keep you enthralled for many delightful moments.

Here are the "Nature Made Me Do It!"  wee family!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed watching them grow!


Plaque Size  Price
5 X 7$ 15.00
8 X 10$ 20.00
FramedPrice varies



The scenes in Nature Made Me Do It! cards are extremely Fragile. 

They are created from dried maple seeds & other natural materials & if handled or touched, they WILL crumble. 

Be VERY careful when handling the cards.  Our usual return policy cannot be honored after delivery.  ~ MMM





May you touch Dragonflies... *

Handmade using dried maple tree seeds

This one was made especially for a priceless lady we call "Oma".  

I can make one for you with OR without personalization.  Please email your personalization preferences.  

If no email, you will receive a card without any personalization.

* You can request your own quote or saying!  EMAIL me!! 









Fae Folk Cards       No quote.

Handmade using dried maple tree seeds, an acorn, tree moss and Spanish moss.









Dance with the Faeries *

Handmade using dried maple tree seeds, an acorn, tree moss and Spanish moss.

*You can request your own quote/saying!  Email me!     $15.00






Sample of framed plaque.

Cost of framed plaque is dependent upon the cost of the frame.  

* NOTE: NO insect was intentionally destroyed!  I found this brilliant Luna Moth at my doorstep on our front deck early one morning.  








After purchase, email me and I will send you a complete list of all the sayings &

quotes I have on file OR send me YOUR favorite!  Please note that there are size

limitations... but we'll work it out!

EMAIL Mystic Mountain Magic at 

Include your name, address, card/sign choice and your choice of the phrase/saying.